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  • Denise Beaulieu

Chaga Tea: Understanding Why the Benefits of the Chaga Mushroom are Becoming Popular

Updated: Sep 25, 2019

The morning routines of many people throughout Canada and the US are changing, and believe it or not it includes drinking Chaga Tea.

Why you ask. Well, it’s become a frequent topic on a number of TV health shows, food blogs, social media, and wellness podcasts touting the benefits of Chaga. People are finally beginning to realize and talk about how amazing this mushroom really is. Chaga is not just a fad, its benefits have been scientifically proven to improve the immune system, promote healthy skin, boost energy levels, and help improve one's mindfulness – and so much more.

It's funny because this recent spike in interest is actually based on very old ancient medicine. For hundreds of years, Eastern civilizations were well aware of Chaga’s potent nutritional properties. And now more scientists from around the world are regularly doing cutting-edge research and continue to find new Chaga benefits.

The social media platform Pinterest recently conducted a study that found traffic for superfood powders has spiked by 144 percent. The study further concluded that searches for mushrooms have grown by 46 percent. Estimates from Grand View Research predict that the global mushroom market will exceed $50 billion by the year 2022. The same study additionally noted that one in four people want to add mushrooms to their daily diet.

Drinking Chaga Tea appeals to a number of different people. Sipping Chaga Tea is very convenient, and it's a delicious way to add the superfood to your menu. It serves as the ideal morning beverage due to the fact it produces a coffee-like caffeine rush, but without the late-morning crash. The added bonus of ones’ increased focus and energy levels is what attracts the bulk of our customers.

What Does the Chaga Mushroom Taste Like?

Taste is vital when it comes to our food and drink, and many people ask us what Chaga honestly tastes like. First of all, Chaga doesn't taste like an ordinary mushroom such as a portobello. Most people describe Chaga mushroom as having a natural and earthy taste. Good quality Chaga is actually a bit fruity with a hint of sweetness. When added to Tea blends, the earthy flavour becomes far less pronounced. In fact, people are usually surprised by how delightful Chaga can taste, especially after they realize how healthy it is.

Our Chaga Tea can be found in kitchens across Canada and the US. We sell several different Chaga Tea flavours, including Green Tea, Peppermint, Chai, and Berry Burst. And it doesn’t stop there. We are always looking for new and flavourful ideas for new blends. In addition to Chaga Teas, we also have incorporated its healing benefits into our all-natural skincare products.

Need some help coming up with ways to incorporate Chaga in your cooking? We regularly post Chaga recipes on our website. Have some questions about buying Chaga Tea? We'd love to help, drop us a line and check out our selection of Organic Chaga Teas.

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