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All-Natural Bath and Body Care Products

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At Adagio Naturals, we handcraft some of the purest organic bath products on the market. Wash your skin with soap made from a combination of gentle and all-natural ingredients. Browse our selection organic chaga soaps and all-natural body creams, moisturizing bath milks, bath salts and bath bombs.



I am very particular in the products that I put on my skin. It is very important to me to use 100% natural products if possible. Your foot cream is absolutely amazing and your Chaga herbal milk bath is to die for. It makes my skin so soft and moisturized.   I hope all your new products are this is amazing. 


Love your products...Love the body lotions and creams. They feel great on your skin and make your skin feel so soft and it stays on your skin.


It is just a little bit embarrassing sometimes with my underarm odor. So with your product being 100% natural I thought what to heck I would give it a try. It is unbelievable. I absolutely love it and there are no issues with odor anymore. I am very excited to try some of your other products. I see you have a NEW LINE coming soon made with chaga. Birch Ridge collections I have read a little bit about chaga and it sounds to be awesome. I am looking forward to the opportunity to try some of these products.

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