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Benefits of Drinking Chaga Mushroom Tea

Chaga tea is delicious! Need another reason to brew a cup? The tea is loaded with powerful antioxidants and vitamins, and it unleashes some fantastic benefits for a wide range of people.

The Benefits of Chaga for Senior Citizens

As we age, our bodies can use a little more help to fight illness, regularly drinking Chaga tea has been proven to help seniors by naturally boosting their immune system. Betulin is an organic compound found in the Chaga, and it does a great job at fighting everything from the common cold to more severe health issues.

Drinking a cup of Chaga in the morning is an excellent way to start the day off right. The structural polysaccharides contained in a mug of Chaga tea naturally increase the amount of energy in the body and is even known to boost your mood. Unlike caffeine, the energetic effects of structural polysaccharides tend to last throughout the day.


The skin is one of the first places that experience changes as we age. Chaga has a fantastic effect on the health of your skin and can help eliminate (and even reverse) common signs of ageing, including wrinkles, dark spots, sagging, and more. Studies have found that drinking Chaga can improve circulation, battle skin infections, and reduce inflammation. In addition to selling Chaga tea, we're excited to incorporate Chaga into our line of all-natural skincare products.

The Benefits of Chaga for University and College Students

Chaga tea isn't just for the more mature individuals; it's also an excellent super-drink for younger college and university students. Let's face it, there's usually some partying that happens on most campuses, and over time excessive drinking, smoking of tobacco and cannabis, lack of sleep, and stress from school work can have adverse effects on the human body and skin.  Regularly drinking Chaga tea will help relieve the oxidative stress that creeps up on many students and will help the body both inside and outside.

Tea has been known throughout history for the calming effects it offers to the human body; and the addition of the Chaga only improves this benefit. It's not uncommon for students to deal with busy school and social schedules, drinking Chaga tea is a great way to unwind, give your mind a break and maintain positive energy. The Beta-D Glucans found in Chaga tea are proven to strengthen the immune system, providing a higher level of defence against germs that tend to thrive in crowded campuses throughout the US and Canada.

Food on campus tends to be quick and often lacks proper nutrition. There are over 215 phytonutrients and glyconutrients found in Chaga tea, that's more than most superfoods on the market. A diet rooted in processed food is never ideal, but Chaga can provide some of the essential vitamins and nutrients needed for a healthy lifestyle.


The Benefits of Chaga for People Undergoing Cancer Treatment

Cancer is a horrible disease that too many people face. Treatment methods can save people, but they can have a heavy toll on the patient's mind, body and soul. The antioxidants, melanin, botulin, polysaccharides, and vitamins found in Chaga tea can boost energy and help with inflammation and pain. Chaga tea is loaded with Beta-D Glucans, which help the body fight illnesses in a weakened immune system.

The Benefits of Chaga for People Wanting to Improve Their Diet

Drinking Chaga tea is like swallowing a gigantic multivitamin in the morning, and it tastes a lot better. It's estimated that the Chaga contains more potassium than bananas, higher levels of rubidium than traditional green tea and it's more potent than blueberries, turmeric and other favourite superfoods. 

There are lots of websites and YouTube videos that show how to make Chaga tea and a lot of people regularly describe what Chaga tea tastes like. Drinking Chaga tea provides countless health benefits to everyone. Need some help coming up with ways to incorporate Chaga in your cooking? We regularly post Chaga  recipes on our website, and we're excited to sell some of the most nutrient-rich and tastiest Chaga tea in the market. Have some questions about buying Chaga tea? We'd love to help, drop us a line and check out our selection of organic Chaga tea.

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