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Our Journey: Creating Natural and Handmade Skincare Products

At Adagio Naturals we are obsessed with two things: the health and beauty of our customers. We create handmade skincare products with your health and wellness in mind.


The journey began due to my own wellness journey. Eating healthy and exercise improved my wellness, but I wanted something more and started using commercial skincare products. I quickly noticed that the ingredient list was scary, so many harmful chemicals. I was determined to find something truly natural and if that meant making it myself - well so be it. That's how Adagio Naturals was born.


In the beginning, my recipes were fairly simple. As my journey continued so did my experimentation and research. There is so much amazing research happening right now with natural remedies and it was exciting to start making more complex and innovative products.


Today, we have an ever-expanding inventory of skincare products including facial cream, bath and body care products, natural soaps and handmade lotions and creams.


Beauty is a feeling, and I create skincare products that make people feel healthy, confident, empowered, clean and fresh. All our products are prepared in small batches using high-quality natural ingredients which help deliver healthy, vibrant skin, which in turn, promotes optimal wellness! We're proud to ship our organic skincare products throughout Canada and the US.








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