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  • Denise Beaulieu

Understanding Chaga: The Powerful Superfood that Helps the Mind and the Entire Body

Updated: Jul 18, 2019

Chaga is one of the fastest growing health foods currently on the market. A simple Google search opens the door to a wide range of products infused with this wonder mushroom, including Chaga tea, skincare products, meal recipes, and more.

This crusty looking mushroom has been known for centuries as the “King of Medicinal Mushrooms.” It’s the second most antioxidant-rich food in the world; only chocolate contains more. Chaga thrives in colder regions such as Alaska, Northern Canada and Siberia. The mushroom has been a staple in ancient Chinese medicine throughout documented history.

Despite its extensive history, many people are just now discovering the numerous benefits of Chaga for the first time. It continues to impress people with the positive effects it offers to both the mind and body.

Chaga is known to contain betualin, a natural compound that helps the body lower cholesterol levels. It also has been proven to balance blood sugar by naturally upping the body’s sensitivity to insulin. Studies have found that the chaga mushroom can also help with general aches and pains due to its impressive anti-inflammatory effects.

The high level of antioxidants found in this superfood have been found to slow down and stop cellular damage. This science is what inspired us to incorporate Chaga into our line of handcrafted Chaga-infused skin care products, to embrace its numerous benefits, such as increased cellular regeneration and protection against damage to cells and genetic mutations.

The liver is another organ that can benefit directly from the regular use of Chaga. A powerful antioxidant called Superoxide Dismutase (SOD) has been proven to provide some remarkable cleansing effects on the human liver, improving the overall digestive system. Regular use of the mushroom has been shown to aid in the prevention and recovery of illnesses both big and small. Scientists have found that Chaga can help the body fight the common flu and cold. Chaga contains a high level of melanin, a fascinating natural ingredient that’s known for its ability to fight the effects of radiation and tumours. It’s also been found to reduce inflammation of the human body’s digestive tract.

Chaga’s ability to provide benefits to the entire body is remarkable. Inside and outside, from head to toe, the science is incredible. We’re proud to incorporate the chaga mushroom into our Birch Ridge Collection. Browse through our selection of handcrafted chaga-infused skincare products, teas, chaga capsules, powders and chunks. Many of our customers notice the results quickly, and some have now started even cooking with it.

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