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  • Denise Beaulieu

The Skincare Market is Booming: Customers Making Greener and Organic Skincare Product Purchases

Updated: Jul 18, 2019

Organic skincare products are surging in popularity throughout the world, with booming sales across both Canada and the United States. People have used various skincare products over the years, but there's been a lot of interest in organic skincare products recently. Facial scrubs, soaps, bath products, and various other products are being purchased by a shopper interested a greener and chemical-free way to keep skin looking fresh.

A recent story published on CNN found that the sales of skincare products grew by 13% in 2018, hitting an estimated total of $5.6 billion. During this same time, the makeup market share only grew by 1%. For the first time in a very long time, the skincare market is growing faster than the makeup industry. This market shift is causing some of the biggest and most powerful makeup brands to take notice and react.

More and more people are becoming more concerned about the collection of harmful chemicals and pesticides they encounter daily, including those found in skincare and cosmetic products. Customers are reading labels more carefully and are actively seeking out 100% organic skincare products, which only contain natural oils and ingredients found in nature. Products that contain harmful chemicals and perfume names that are impossible to pronounce are now being found less and less in today's shopping carts (both at a store and online).

The Internet has opened the door for many people to research the different all-natural skincare solutions and products on the market. As an organic skincare product seller, we're continually trying to find new ingredients, and we're always experimenting with new and exciting Chaga recipes. We starting using chaga mushroom in our organic soaps, facial products, lotions and bath products. It's exciting to make chaga infused skin care products that both nourish the skin along with the entire body and mind.

Market research has shown that women are purchasing more organic anti-ageing products to aid in their skincare routine. Many skincare products on the market are loaded with harmful and toxic chemicals that age the skin by stripping away natural oils produced by the body used to rejuvenate skin cells. Organic products are instead made of natural ingredients proven to not only work with the body's natural skin treatment but also provide some powerful assistance.

Men are also seeking out organic skincare options. Our natural beard oils and beard balms are helping men groom and promote healthy-looking beards across Canada and the US. Like many of our skincare products, we've incorporated the chaga mushroom into our all-natural beard oils and balms. This addition has resulted in some exciting feedback from our customers on the positive effects the super plant has had on both the skin and beards of our male customers.

Social media tools such as Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest are full of interesting pictures and recipes of natural lotions, soaps, creams and more. It's exciting to not only to see natural skincare's growth in popularity, but also to witness the ever-growing community of health and environmentally-minded skincare product shoppers. The industry is rapidly changing, and it's been rewarding to spend time learning about the benefits of the various ingredients used in our products.

We're excited to help people like you improve the overall look and feel of your skin by only using all-natural ingredients in every skincare product we sell. The skin has many functions, but one of the most important is its ability to express both beauty and confidence. We're happy to help the skin achieve this goal! A shift towards organic and natural skincare and beauty shopping is fantastic and exciting to see. Take some time and browse through our selection of products handcrafted to help you achieve incredible and youthful-looking skin.

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