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  • Denise Beaulieu

Simple Ways to Make Your Beard Ready for Winter

Updated: Dec 13, 2019

It's starting to look a lot like wintertime outside, but is your beard ready? A beard is a friend during colder weather, but it can be a little troublesome to maintain during the winter. The mixture of harsh chilly air and low humidity can not only dry out your skin but can also do the same to beard hair follicles.

Here are some simple ideas to help keep your beard looking great this winter.

Turn Down the Temperature During Your Shower

Starting the day off with a hot shower may seem like a great idea before stepping out the door in the morning, but it can damage your beard. Hot water can strip the natural essential oils your beard needs to still moist. Over time, you may even struggle with itchy skin and your beard may even thin.

There's no need to have a chilly shower before braving a winter morning, but try to keep the temperature down.

It's Time to Moisturize Your Beard

As mentioned beforehand, the harsh and cold temperatures of winter can cause your beard and skin to dry. Regularly moisturizing your beard with organic beard oil is an excellent way to keep your beard looking full and healthy throughout the chillier months. It's best to moisturize your beard daily; this will keep your hair follicles tidy and easier to style.

Don't Be Afraid to Brush Your Beard

It's funny, not a lot of men think about combing their beards. There's a ton of benefits to brushing your beard daily. First of all, brushing your beard will keep it tidy, and it also improves blood circulation, which promotes hair growth. Regularly combing your beard will help keep your beard moist and will have it looking neat and tidy.

Try Using Beard Balm

Beard balm adds moisture to your beard. A high-quality all-natural beard balm will lock in your beard's natural moisture and will provide more styling possibilities. There are many advantages to using beard balm throughout the year, but it's particularly beneficial during the winter.

We recently added Chaga mushroom to our all-natural beard balm, and we've received some fantastic feedback from our customers. The mix of high-quality ingredients moisturizes your face while keeping your beard soft and full.

Stay Away From Chemicals

Beards are in, and some of the world's most prominent cosmetic companies have taken notice. Many of the beard products found on store shelves and Amazon contain a scary amount of toxic ingredients and perfumes. These chemicals have no place on your face and can damage both your beard hair and the body as a whole.

Spend a moment and examine the list of ingredients before buying beards oil or balms. You should be able to recognize the names of ingredients in the product without doing a Google search.

Slow Down on Using Beard Shampoo

It's important to not wash your beard as frequently throughout the winter months. Continuing to wash your face and beard with soap regularly is great, but shampoo can dehydrate your face and even irritate your skin. It's best to use shampoo about twice a week.

Don't let a dry and itchy beard stop you from enjoying wintertime this year! Some simple habits can keep your beard looking great in even the most frigid of weather. We've worked hard to develop beard oils and balms that keep your beard and face feeling and looking great. All of our beard oils and balms only include all-natural ingredients, and they smell amazing. Learn more about our organic beard products and all of our other all-natural skincare items by browsing our ever-growing inventory.

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