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  • Denise Beaulieu

Health and Grooming Benefits of All-Natural Beard Oils and Balms

Updated: Jul 18, 2019

As beards and moustaches continue to grow in popularity, so does the use of beard balms and beard oils. In fact, for men with beards or moustaches they have become an essential part of their daily routine. One of the most significant factors in a good beard balm or oil is its ability to condition and moisturize. A good beard balm or oil will help make facial hair more manageable and easy to maintain. That’s the difference in whether or not a man’s beard is stylish or unruly. A beard expresses a lot about a man and a stylish manageable beard says a lot about their character.

Another major factor in a good beard balm or oil is its scent. Many men now use these products in place of an aftershave or even expensive cologne. Typically, beard balms or oil offer a more mellow scent when compared to other grooming products. Also some of the styling products on the market will leave beards feeling heavy with a sticky residue; whereas good a beard oil or beard balm provides great styling options without the mess.

Winter is known to wreak havoc on beards. Cold weather will make beard follicles lose moisture, causing them to become both frail and dry. It's not uncommon for many men to find their beards flaking, full of dandruff, leaving their skin feeling itchy and dry. The nutrients found in a high-quality natural beard oil or balm will provide protection year-round by conditioning facial hair, delivering a fuller look and softer feel.

Beards offer some exceptional protection from the outside world. Scientists have found that a beard can stop dust, dirt, and harmful rays and UV damage to the skin. Pollutants and excessive time in the sun will make your skin appear older. All-natural beard products are a much safer and healthier option and will help many avoid skin rashes.

At the Pharmacy the other day, I was amazed at the amount of products on the shelves devoted solely to men’s beards and moustaches. It made me smile. Finally men too have their own section in the pharmacy aisles. But of course, my glee was short lived when I read the ingredient lists. The majority of these products (claiming natural or organic ingredients) still contain harmful toxic chemicals and/or perfumes all of which can damage your skin with long term use.

The best Beard Oils and Balms on the market contain well-balanced natural and organic oils such as Argan, Jojoba, Almond and Castor oils. At Adagio Natural our Birch Ridge Collection uses these organic oils infused with Chaga – a super-food chocked full of health benefits. All of this coupled with copious amounts of Vitamin E will help nourish even the most unruly beard. High-Quality beard oils will stop the face from feeling itchy, dry, and sensitive. Check out our website for the perfect scent blends, Sam, Perfect Gentlemen and Stache. Oh so nice.

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