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  • Denise Beaulieu

Learn Why Natural Handmade Skincare Products with Organic Ingredients is Better for Your Skin

Updated: Mar 4, 2019

Your skin is important. As the largest organ in the body it has a lot of jobs - it regulates your body temperature, protects your muscles, bones and organs and more importantly, it is the first line of defense against the outside world. The skin is a complicated network of layers, each providing their own level of functionality and protection. Still these layers are can be vulnerable when faced with certain artificial compounds.

What you put on your skin is crucial. If you put chemical-filled soaps, lotions and creams on your skin, your body can absorb some of these toxins. Mostly the size of molecules determines whether or not they can penetrate each layer. Because of their make-up artificial chemicals in conventional beauty products, like phthalates, parabens, and a ever growing host of others, are designed to be adsorbed directly into your body, so they can act quickly. Chemicals commonly found in these products can build up and cause serious health concerns when used long term. Things like skin irritation, organ toxicity, hormone imbalance and even cancer have been reported. The science is scary; some of the biggest brands in the skincare industry could actually be causing damage to the skin of men and woman across Canada and the US.

Big cosmetic companies are making billions of dollars selling skincare products with ingredient names you do not recognize or cannot even pronounce? It's practically impossible for the average person to understand what is in these products; yet so many people regularly apply them on their skin without even thinking about it because we’ve been told they will make our skin healthy and youthful. However, this is only a short-term fix and with long-term use, your skin can become weakened and damaged which contributes to the premature aging of your skin and possibly a number of other more serious problems. In my mind the long-term damage that could be caused by these skin care products far outweighs any short-term cosmetic benefits. Why would you want to take that risk?

Natural skincare and body products generally perform better on the skin in the long run. For these reasons 100% natural organic handmade skincare products is why Adagio Naturals was born. When you read our labels you'll understand what you're putting on your skin. The ingredients in our lotions and creams, soaps, bath products and facial cleansers all can be found in nature. We create our products in smaller batches in order to preserve their freshness and efficiency. You will have peace of mind knowing that your body and skin are only absorbing the best possible plant-based ingredients.

Plants grown organically are found to contain higher levels of vital antioxidant, vitamins and minerals. In addition, because they are grown without herbicides and pesticides, these organic ingredients are also free from contamination, which can only mean they are better for your body and skin. Adagio Naturals specifically chooses our plant based ingredients based in part, because of their high levels of antioxidants, vitamins and minerals. Each depends of course, upon the job they are meant to do. Chaga is a case in point. As you have no doubt read in an earlier blog about the benefits of chaga skincare products, we recently started using it in a number of our products. This amazing ingredient is one of the world's oldest and most powerful super-foods - chocked full of beneficial antioxidants, vitamins and minerals. So many of our customers are already enjoying these products and reaping their benefits.

Buying natural is not only healthy for your skin and body, but it's also healthy for the environment. At Adagio Naturals, we only use the highest quality of organic ingredients possible in our skincare products. Everything is connected. Everything that goes around, comes around and when it comes to your health, we'd like to see people stop applying harmful chemicals on their skin. Browse our selection of handmade organic skincare products and you too can make a sound invest in your health.

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