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  • Denise Beaulieu

Why Chaga is Quickly Becoming the Next Superfood

Updated: Oct 1, 2019

Every once and a while, a new superfood gains attention for its nutritional benefits and quickly can be found everywhere. Over the last few years, we've seen people buy more kale, add turmeric to their meals, snack on pomegranate, and drink smoothies loaded with chia seeds.

Could the Chaga mushroom be the next superfood to take the health food world by storm? We think it will and here's why.

There's a lot of attention and research devoted to understanding the many benefits of Chaga along with other adaptogenic mushrooms such as the lion's mane and reishi. People are getting creative in how they incorporate Chaga into their healthy living routine. Chaga tea is especially growing in popularity with cafes around the world, adding more and more drinks made with Chaga to their menus and looking for something else? Why not try a Chaga-infused smoothie or try it in a power bowl during your lunch.

What's the big deal? Why is Chaga becoming one of the most talked-about superfoods coming into the new decade? The buzz starts with adaptogens. These powerful plant-based substances protect the body against various biological, chemical, physical stressors that we encounter daily. There are few different ways to add more adaptogens in our systems, and Chaga is becoming a go-to source due to the high level of adaptogens and antioxidants naturally found in the mushroom. People are looking for a safe and healthy way to boost the level of adaptogens in their system and Chaga fits the bill.

Chaga is known to improve one's brain function and improve energy levels, the perfect complement for today's modern and busy life. That's why Chaga-infused tea is such an attractive option for many because it's the perfect pairing of two known and natural pick-me-ups. The ancient Chinese knew this centuries ago with fungi being highly prized for its incredible restorative and healing powers. Some of the most innovative and exciting research on the Chaga is coming from the Eastern world. They recently discovered that Chaga can eliminate cancer cells in the animals they've tested.

Our immune system does a lot of heavy lifting, and it's constantly fighting off all kinds of infections, bacteria and viruses. It keeps you productive and healthy; the potent compounds found in Chaga are known to boost the immune system. A robust immune system produces more white blood cells helping you stay illness-free.

It's this exciting research that inspired us to incorporate Chaga into our collection of all-natural skincare products and organic teas. It doesn't end there. We regularly share recipes that include Chaga, and we look forward to sharing more. Let us know if you have any requests.

Want to learn more about the benefits of Chaga? Be sure to read our blog post about the superfood. In the meantime, take some time and check out our selection of all-natural Chaga skincare products including soap, lip balms, bath products, beard oils and balms, makeup removers and more. We're also proud to make a great selection of Chaga-infused tea with refreshing flavours that taste delicious 365-days-a-year.

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